Our Team

Multi talented, rounded individuals who live our values daily. We are highly accessible, approachable, co-operative and committed to everything we strive to achieve.

Committed to each other, to our clients and to our values.

Member Name

Bill Angelidis

Managing Director & CEO

Bill is the founder of Asta. He has worked successfully to launch many technology start-ups over the past 20 years and is known for his work ethic and wide ranging personal and professional network.

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Neven Antic

Project Delivery Manager

Neven is organised, methodical and makes delivery the focus of every day. Planning and proactive communications differentiate him from others.

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Anna Bezhenar

Systems Accountant / Quality Manager

Anna is our gate keeper. Managing the finances and quality system of the business ensures that our business presentation and activities are process driven and of the highest quality.

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Jemima Spiteri

Talent, Acquisition and Performance Manager

Jemima works closely with the CEO and the senior management team in identifying solutions to business challenges, assisting the organisation to adapt and embrace change and pro-actively identifying areas for competitive advantage from a people perspective.